1929 Buick Model 41 - Five Passenger Four Door Closed Coupled Sedan - Series 121
Model info
Wheelbase: 120 3/4 Tread - Front: 56 1/4 Tread - Rear: 58 Tire Size: 32x6.5
Engine Type: Valve in Head Cylinders: 6 Bore & Stroke: 3 5/8 x 5 S.A.E Horsepower: 31.54
Max HP: 90 1/2 at 2800 RPM Piston Displacement: 309.6 cu. In. Exhause Valve Head: Silicon Chrome Piston Material: Cast Iron
Crankshaft Bearings: 4 Counter Weights: Y Torsion: Torsion Balancer Cooling System: Pump-shaft Driven
Thermostat: Oiling System: Pressure to crankshaft connecting rods and rocker arm shaft Crankcase Ventilator: Forced Ventilation Oil Filter: AC
Carburetor: Marvel - Automatic an Fuel Feed: Pump Air Cleaner: AC Gasoline Filter: AC
Electrical System: Delco-Remy - Mechanical Clutch: 10 plate dry Universal Joint: 1-Automatic Lubrication Rear Axle: 3/4 F
Torque Taken By: Torque Tube Drive Takethrough: Torque Tube Four Wheel Brakes: Mechanical - External Contracting Front and Rear Rear Springs: Cantilever
Steering Gear: Jacox - Scr Turning Circle: 42 Feet Right and Left Chasis Lubrication: Pressure Gun - Zerk Grouped Connections
US Production: 10110 Export Production: 0 Body Manufactuer: Fisher Frame and Body Tag Location: On Firewall

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