1929 Buick Model 49 - Seven Passenger Phaeton - Series 129
Buick Description
The growing popularity of open cars can readily be understood when such models as this are available. Long wheelbase and extra wide seats combine to give it luxurious roominess. Its low, sweeping lines are accentuated by the folding windshield. It sets a new vogue in open cars. Bumpers and spare time are extra equipment
Model info
Wheelbase: 128 3/4 Tread - Front: 56 1/4 Tread - Rear: 58 Tire Size: 32 x 6.50
Engine Type: Valve in Head Cylinders: 6 Bore & Stroke: 3 5/8 x 5 S.A.E Horsepower: 31.54
Max HP: 90 1/2 at 2800 RPM Piston Displacement: 309 cu in Exhause Valve Head: Silicon Chrome Piston Material: Cast Iron
Crankshaft Bearings: 4 Counter Weights: Y Torsion: Torsion Balancer Cooling System: Pump-Shaft Driven
Thermostat: Y Oiling System: Pressure to Crankshaft, Connecting Rods, and Rocker Arms Crankcase Ventilator: Forced Ventilation Oil Filter: AC
Carburetor: Marvel Automatic and Manual Heat Control Fuel Feed: Pump Air Cleaner: AC Gasoline Filter: AC
Electrical System: Delco-Remy - Mech Clutch: 10 Plate Dry Universal Joint: 1 - Automatic Lubrication Rear Axle: 3/4 Floating
Torque Taken By: Torque Tube Drive Takethrough: Torque Tube Four Wheel Brakes: Mechanical - External Contracting Front and Rear Rear Springs: Cantilever
Steering Gear: Jacox-Screw and Split Nut Turning Circle: 44 Feet Right and Left Chasis Lubrication: Pressure Gun - Zerk Grouped Connections
US Production: 1530 Export Production: 633 Body Manufactuer: Stewart/Buick Frame and Body Tag Location: Under driver seat

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