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Topic: Early Expermental Buicks Made in Utica N.Y.
Richard Henza 
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Message posted November 15th, 2010 08:23:20 AM
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Yes Vim Specialties Buick was in Utica NY in 1900-1902; Honest Check all you would Like; Dave Bucck and Carl Motts Started in Utica N.Y.

Know, in 2008 I found a 1902 Vim Specalities Jr. Speedster Buick in the
Arkville Auto Musum, Arkville N.Y. Dumpster.

My Cousine Sherley FoX Judge is the Historian at Mystic Seaport Restoration Shop in Mystic Conn. She Heard about it Called me and I went down there.

The Wooden frame was Busted so the Musum threw it in the Dumster, My Cousine Convinced them I could Garolla glew Frame and put a Backer board on it, and they told me I could Have It. {Free}

I'm Being 100% Honest in saying I wanted the 1902 1 Cylinder Morot to Back up my 1902 Fortplain Spring and Axel Dr. Runnabout, cause it also Has a 1902 Vim Specalities Motor, and Has been Handed down fron my Great Uncle.

And in N.Y.S this 12% Ethanol we get in the 10% Labelled Pump Runnes PotMetal Carbs; so Anodize Carb Inners, Metal Floats, Drill out Jets to #51 Drill, Seal using 1960 Airplane Dope.
and Play with the Gas adding Marvil Mystery Oil, Green Stabulizer and Blue Enzimes.

The Car was Beat and Had been a slow Progress thing, Luckly for me there was also Another 1 Cylinder Motor Mounted on it: Witch with Kerosee Cleaning, in and out, Ner Points and Plug and Carb Cleaning and set Things, Runs;

Thete is a Metal clutch on Motor: But spins on the Motor when Started;
That is good in N.Y.S as we are NOT allowed to Drive cars under 30 M.P.H in N.Y.S. even with Historical Plated;

2011 Has us Historical Preserves Public Still Dispaly; Meaning I can run Engine Only; OHEA here is unreal, and Had to put Fender over Chain fron Motor to Drive Wheel.

The story I got from Jebb Family Skineatulas, they donated it to Musume and Musum was to update it. But Frame got Broke and they Declarred it,
Unfixable???????? and Jebb Family had more Historical Papers they Gave me, and Happy I'm Parching it up, and they Had sent the 2nd Engine;

I did take it to Morrisville Collage Meat Last Oct. 23, 2010 and they Parked next to a 2010 Brand New Corvette $100,000; all was Fine, the Owner of the Corvette and Me got along good. He Liked all the People that Look at mine and His.

It's my Rain, Sleet, and Bad Weather Car: Honestly it fits in the Trunk
and Back Seat of my 2004 Caverlier;

Yes; I'm a Design Eng. The Back Seat goes Flat, Plywood in Back Seat and
out Back, Fastened down to Spare Tire Mount. Front Axel 0f 1902 Comes off
and Slides into Trunk Trunk Beautiful. Front is Approx 8" Heigh;
Front Tires and Axel Ties onto Front Seat.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -- - -

I not Guaranteed anuthing, there is a Seldin Plate on it, and Pierce Arrow Design Plate on it, I Know in 1901 Pierce Arrow in Buffalo Had a
Design Antique Car add giving $1,000 for Antique Car Designes, I Know Dave Buicl and Carl Motts worked with a C.N.Cady from Canasota, as Cady Had the Machuine shop and Foundry that made the Engines.

_ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --

So all this to ask If anyone else Has any Info on the Utica N.Y. Operation;

I do go to Utica, Conqures: July 4th at Munson Williams Musume Genesee St
Utica. But Have Yet Not Built up the Courage to take it there.

UsuaLLY SHOWING THE 1902, 1903 FORT PLAIN sRRING AND AXELS DR. RUNABOUTS ; Of my Great Uncles; and Have Shown the 1900 Buffalo.

90% of info I got from Jeb Family Skineatulas; The Musume did give me there Board with a Pictire of Dave Buick and wife on a 1901 Carrage going down Genesee Street in Utica, and Early Protype Pictures of Expermental
Propossed Car;

At 65 and being a X Half ass Engineer, my Computer Skills are Not Good,
and Picture Taking and Sending Pictures is not my thing.

Richard Henza

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