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Topic: Please Register - You missing out if you dont.
Kevin Johnson 
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Message posted September 13th, 2009 06:42:34 AM
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For all you who visit the site,

Please register if you have not already done so. I email out on major site updates or big site additions.

Recently we added some PDF copies of manuals (found in the articles section).
We have also added some communications to the President of Buick around the release of the 1929 Buick model. Also we have put online the Dealer booklet as to how to unveil the 1929 Buick Model. That I dont believe has been seen by any number of people.

Just added more Distributor and Dealer notes and handouts, as well as the entire Salesmangers Guide.

You will miss out on many new items if you dont sign up (sign up so I can get your email). Without notifications you would only see these if you periodically check in all the photo albums!


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