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Topic: info needed
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Message posted January 25th, 2009 01:27:08 PM
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I have a 1929-51 Series 129 Buick that my grandfather purchased in 1953 and I acquired in 1972. It sat outside for quite a few years but is mostly complete. My questions--My Buick has spare tire on back behind trunk location, is this a 51 model??? Most literature I have seen shows spare tire for 51 on side front. Is my a different version of the 51 model???? Also some 1929 Buicks show extra lights up front off bumper just below head lights--is this right?? Per my uncle, lights may have been moved up on fenders by grandfather but at the time I got the car, those lights were missing. I am also looking for trunk,spare tire rim, and cowl lights lens. Most everthing else I have found or is original. Hoping to finish in time for daughters wedding this summer.
Thank-you, Dale

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